Working across multiple sectors, industries and disciplines, GSP will help clients develop capabilities to deliver growth.  This is through talent acquisition, provision of interim innovation expertise and training services.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide the right capabilities for however long or short they are needed for in order to have the most valuable impact.



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Through a powerful search and matching process that includes competency, cultural fit to the business and the role, we can help you transform your needs into opportunities, providing experience and energy to help you secure the right people at the right time, in order to deliver top talent time and time again.

Our  unwavering commitment to quality mean that we can solve the most complex challenges and quickly help to recruit and on board the best people.


We’ve seen over the last ten years varying business demands from outsourcing key capabilities as part of an efficiency drives to an opposite pull where organisations desire control and focus on growth of internal capability.
Insourcing provides a flexible, value added and cost effective model today and we believe is the most credible and obvious choice to meet the challenges businesses face.  However, where flexibility is required or budget is constrained, a mix of capability can also be supplemented by interim provision and consultancy support perhaps where specialist skills may be required.  This can provide a business a valuable injection of critical momentum in certain areas.
With regard to innovation and Intellectual Property capacity, the main challenges we’ve seen in-house teams face are;
    • Efficiency to do more with less,
    • Difficulties to recruit and integrate permanent Patent Attorney and IP team members in response to a rising churn of permanent staff.

The advantages our clients have enjoyed as a result of using Genesis are;

  • Successfully meet internal project deadlines
  • Increased Effectiveness
  • Projects finished faster
  • Saving budgeted monies for other priorities
  • Access to current best practice experience and know-how
  • No need to hire and train new team members
Do you have any of the above challenges, how can we help?