Mobilising and enabling strategic clarity through Product Management; Market & Business Development planning: Fertilising successful business growth; maximising the value generated from intellectual capital.

Helping you transform your innovation pipeline

From Idea to Full product development you can take advantage the skills in the following areas:

  • Innovation development:  Technology Scouting, Discovery and realisation, Competitive landscape, Technology roadmap.
  • IP Portfolio review: Technology readiness & review, Research, Prototyping, Benchmarking.
  • Project management: Project assistance, delivery and planning.
  • Commercial: Development to commercialisation, commercial protection & exploitation, costing, exit strategy and investment.

In today’s world, lack of innovation means you are travelling backwards.

Genesis can provide experienced scientists, engineers and product specialists to help you innovate new products, protect them through patents, trademarks and trade secrets, make them more cost-effectively and sell them to new markets.

Our innovation Process:

  1. Concept Development
  2. System Design
  3. Detailed Design
  4. Product Prototypes
  5. Transfer to Manufacture

 Helping you break through into markets at home abroad

Through our facilitated market development expertise, we can help you transform your needs into opportunities, providing experience and energy to help you break through the market challenges.

Our flexible insourcing approach using highly experienced sales and marketing professionals, broad market knowledge and unwavering commitment to quality mean that we can solve the most complex product, market and technical challenges and quickly help you grow your own capabilities and generate value from your product developments.

Genesis is a provider of experienced part-time Marketing Directors to ambitious businesses – we are dedicated to working alongside small to mid-size companies to help them grow. We engage with business owners as part of their in-house senior team, delivering results and a step-change in profitability.

Providing all back-office functions to suit your needs

We work with businesses that know they should be more successful but are being held back by lack of key skills and capacity.

Our aim is to fulfil your needs for an efficient and capable back-office providing insourced, matched expertise and capacity. We aim to create a positive working environment helping you to achieve lasting results even when we are gone. This means working you to identify with care the right skills, people and cultures that will work with your existing team and generate value far in excess of the sum of the parts.

For example, our partnership with your business means we can provide you with a high calibre part-time Finance Director for a fraction of the cost of an in-house FD.

Where you need more than an in-house FD appointment we have networked our business so that each of our clients can enjoy the combined skills, contacts and experience of our entire national and international team.

“Genesis helped us to ask the right questions then enabled us to deliver the best possible answers.  It has been great to have Genesis as a group to call on”


“It has been an absolute pleasure to have Genesis as our IP and technology partner. Its expertise across the board has made a great difference to our company”




Genesis was asked for help to gain a grant for a draft patent describing a mechanical thrombectomy device. The GSP team was able to establish that there existed an opportunity to optimise the claims at oral examination if practical data would support it.

On contract to the client we identified the best University group to conduct experimentation which was used both in the substantiation of the claims and in the marketing of the device. We spoke to a number of the world’s leading experts in the field and followed up with the main manufacturing organisations. All of the information from our investigation was handed on to the client who went on to exploit the technology with these organisations.



A client was keen to push a draft patent for a forward-looking intravenous ultrasound catheter through to grant but, in advance, asked the GSP team to review the claims against the developed device and market competition.

GSP conducted a technical review and established that the device would not work as intended without substantial modification.  We modelled these modifications and used the data to direct our attorneys at the oral examination where they were able to establish coverage within the granted patent claims.



An existing client was about to let lapse a draft patent for an ergonomic energy display meter. A chance conversation led to a short marketing review where it was established that the patent had substantial merit for the management of the heating for the elderly in the home where several thousand people die each winter in the UK in homes they believe, incorrectly, that they cannot afford to heat.

Supported by one of the major power distributors, the client is looking to launch this device in the next two years.



A client who owned patents related to its range of pile breakers was about to launch one of these products and the group urgently needed documentation and risk data to support a CE declaration.

GSP was able to help with all the necessary documentation including a detailed risk assessment, mitigation plan and certificates for self-certification – and provided all the background knowhow to enable them to perform its own assessments on future products.